High Quality Dentures and Other Dental Appliances

Deininger & Rupe is a Full-Service, On-Site Dental Lab

Everything is processed and fabricated at this local office, and we are proud to serve our community. You can rest assured that your dentures are created locally, without the added expense of traveling far away or waiting for dentures to be shipped. We are known for exceptional value in quality dental care and denture services.

Our Certified Technicians have over 100 years
combined experience!

  • Chris Rudella
  • Donald Rupe
  • Donald Glass
Deininger & Rupe - Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service

Full Service Dental Lab

Deninger & Rupe
Dental Laboratory

306B Union Ave.
Altoona, PA 16602

(814) 944-8289

(814) 201-2049

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