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Our Story…
Our customers get more out of life, thanks to Deininger & Rupe. For over 100 years, since 1913, our dental laboratory provides the highest quality dentures, partials, and dental services available, at the most affordable price to suit your budget. All of the fabrication work and repairs are done on-site, so you enjoy the convenience of same-day service.

At Deininger & Rupe, we know that change happens all the time; so whenever you find you or someone in your family needs quality denture services we are here. We are always grateful to welcome new walk-in customers at any time, especially if you need emergency work done right away. We can also give you a convenient appointment quickly, so you can address your dental needs thoroughly. We want you to be comfortable in every way.

Our qualified technicians make dentures and other dental appliances that help you look great while promoting a better bite, which helps in the proper chewing of food. We can also make your dentures more effective with repairs and relines, when necessary, for a comfortable fit. Because we are experts in what we do, we can treat other dental patients with TMJ, cleft palate, or who require more intensive whitening.

To add to our customer convenience, we provide a free dental care kit with the purchase of the deluxe type dentures. Give our office a call for a free consultation, to see how we can best serve your needs.

Deininger & Rupe - Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service

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